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Jan. 30, 2008

Posted by  Jax
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In-Game Chat: 

The Defenders of Justice maintain an in game chat channel in every game that we participate in.  These chat channels can be use to find or locate members, organize events, request assistance, conduct commerce or make trades. These chat channels are the most direct way to contact and talk with other guild while in-game and online.  All of our chat channels are self moderated and should be kept "G" rated.  There is no reason for foul language or profanity of any type.



Jayso is graciously hosting a teamspeak server for our guild. It is a Linux emulation to run the teamspeak server software. Currently there are three permanent channels, SWG, WoW and the default for general chat and such.  Others can create temporary channels if the need arises.  If anyone wants any additional permanent channels ask Jayso and he can set them up.

How to Use TeamSpeak:

Client Download. It can be obtained at:

Install the software and start the application

Server name:

Password is: doj

During log in "do not" use a username.  "You need only pick and use a nickname."
Usernames are static and reserved for TeamSpeak administrators.

Communication Code of Conduct: 

It is a shame that we even have to spell out rules of conduct other than saying be civil and polite and refrain from foul or demeaning language.

Conduct spelled out (Inappropriate behavior):

Any language speech containing the following is deemed inappropriate:

Promotion of racial or ethnic hatred
Racial or ethnic slurs
Allude to any  symbol of racial or ethnicity
Refer to any extreme or violent sexual acts
Refer to any extremely violent real life actions
Refer to violence in any capacity that is not directly related to the game.
Releasing any real-life information about other guild members or anyone for that matter
Insultingly refer to any aspect of sexual orientation pertaining to themselves or others
Divulging information regarding cheats, hacks, or malicious viruses or  programs
Obscene or Vulgar language of any type
Reference to human anatomy or bodily functions that are pornographic in nature
Insultingly other characters, players, or groups of people
Negatively portray major religions or religious figures
Promote national hatred or any hatred for anyone
Recognized ethnic or national slurs
Alluding  to symbols of national hatred
Creating threads for the sole purpose of causing unrest on the forums


Bottom line:

We want our guild to be a fun and safe environment for all our players.  The Defenders of Justice membership are from all over the world and vary in age from 16-60.  Be respectful to everyone and have fun