our guild oath

jan. 29, 2008

posted by jax
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i, (state your name) hereby swear allegiance to the cause of justice and honesty through out our world. i will fight to defend the righteous and the wronged. i will guard the lives of my fellow members to the best of my ability. i will not intentionally or otherwise foolishly put my fellow companions in jeopardy.

    unjust and dishonest acts are considered just cause for dismissal from this guild. deliberate or thoughtless acts which reflect badly on the honor and integrity of our guild are also considered just cause for dismissal. as we are the defenders of justice, no member will be summarily dismissed from the guild without jurisprudence.     

    any guild member should be able to play any game with a (doj) sponsored guild and find the same trusted gaming environment, fellowship and friendship he experienced in other games under our "doj" flag.

our guild maintains a flat leadership structure. there are no ranks to be had or promotions to some form of authority. what there is, is trust, stature and admiration which can only be earned by our fellow guild members. we still have founding members gaming with the defenders of justice since our inception of august 1998. over the years many longstanding members have proven themselves trusted friends and valued leaders of our guild. those old and soon to be older members that use this website and its forums for their gaming entertainment reserve the rights to any guild created buy our members in any game and any communal property our membership helped to buy or build. occasionally as new games come along members will propagate to that new game. changes such as these, open opportunities for individuals to ascend to "service to others" leadership roles in the games they currently reside. these roles are considered honorary positions in our guild and all rights to the body of that guild reside with its founding members and community, here at this website and forums. in-game leaders are expected to embody the values of justice, honesty, compassion and humility, uphold our guild standards, and maintain a dynamic presence in the game they play. in-game leaders are held to the highest of standards. any leader found in violation of our guild oath or any games tos will be asked to relinquish their position to a member of our choosing until such matters can be resolved to the satisfaction of this community.