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Jan. 30, 2008

Posted by  Jax
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Our guild maintains a flat leadership structure.  There are no ranks to be had or promotions to some form of authority.  What there is, is trust, stature and admiration which can only be earned by our fellow guild members. 

We also have many members that "selflessly" contribute to our endeavors in-game and out. They are our leaders. Their service to our guild mostly goes unrecognized and underappreciated. They contribute to our community because they have seen a need and have had the ability to fill those needs.  Our community is in their debt and if you cross paths with them in game thank them for there contributions.

We do not ask anyone to do anything but we hope members would participate in our gaming events and contribute to our on-going discussions on our Message boards.        


Some charitable works that mostly go unnoticed:

Moderating message boards
Maintaining an in-game guild
Planning and organizing events
Organizing in-game hunts or Dungeon expiditions
Running and maintaining a private TeamSpeak for us.
Hosting game servers for small groups
(NWN & UO)
Game module creation
Game Mod Creation for guild use
Game macro assistance or creation
Web side programming or development work
Web site graphics creation / contribution
News gathering and reporting

 The people that do these things have made this community what it is today.  Thanks you, and keep up the good work.  We hope you are enjoying our guild as much as we are.