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Jan. 30, 2008

Posted by  Jax
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What is Ultima Online?

Ultima Online is an MMORPG, which stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. Also referred to as a Virtual World, an MMORPG is a place you co-inhabit with hundreds of thousands of other people simultaneously. It's persistent in that the world exists independent of your presence, and in that your actions can permanently shape the world.

Ultima Online is accessed through an Internet connection, giving you the ability to immerse yourself into the mystical, medieval world of Britannia with other players from all around the globe. You can actually become a part of the epic saga that unfolds on a daily basis, and your actions can make a permanent impact on the face of Britannia!

There has yet to be a virtual world that even comes close to the number of things you can do in Ultima Online. There are thousands of items in the game that you can make, buy, or carry; and with dozens of unique skills to master, you'll never run out of ways to continuously evolve your character and your online persona.

Really, UO is whatever you make it to be. Decide you want to try something different? In Ultima Online, you're never locked into a class or trade. Just start practicing something new, and your character will grow in whatever direction you choose!

To find out more about this great game visit their official web sites at:  ORIGIN - Ultima Online


Information you need join to play Ultima Online with DoJ.

The Defenders of Justice no longer have any presence on the "Catskills" server. This is the first of any MMORPGs and it has run it course for many members. Some played this game for over five years.

Some of our membership now maintain a private server called Asgeroth Isle II

Connecting to the Asgeroth Isle II Server

First download the latest beta version: UOGateway
Uninstall any earlier versions using control panel/add remove programs.

Install gateway and start it.

You will see a settings option on the left. Click it and select your uo client. Change "Razor" option to yes if you use it but please dont change anything else until you make sure you can connect to the shard (just to eliminate possible problems-multi uo does work though heh). Save settings.

In the upper left is a "My servers button"-click it. Now in the upper right is a [Create local serverlisting] option-click it.

You can type anything you want in the "Server name" and "Description" lines.

"server dns/ip"  "port" 2593

"Encryption" should be left at "remove encryption"

"Razor" option is up to you

Scroll down and hit "save settings"

On the "my servers" page should be the shard name that you entered before, Click it and you should be able to log in. If you selected the razor options make sure razor is properly installed.

*** How to install Razor

Important to note that razor requires .net ver 1.1 or it won't work!!

If you update your OS through the Windows Updates, you may already have this package installed on your machine. If not Download it here

Download razor: Razor Download

After installing, launch razor.

On the welcome to Razor window select 2d or 3d client (autodetect)

Check "Patch client encryption"

"UO Data Directory" should be autodetect

"server"  "port" 2593

click ok and you should be able to log in

Need help, ask someone in our UO message center. DoJ's UO Message Board