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Jan. 30, 2008

Posted by  Jax
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Group Looting Guidelines:

Grouping Guidelines – (groups of five or less)  Your on your own!  Play nice.  If you need something special from your group let them know before you run up against that situation.  Groups are formed for many reasons make sure your intensions or desires are known before you get on with the adventuring.

Raid Looting Guidelines:

The goal of any guild raid is to have fun and not complicate an event with a bunch of rules. That said it would be nice for every class and profession to have an opportunity to grow their individual skills or trade during an event.  This means "all" players should have an opportunity to gather resources their professions require to make items for personal use or resale.   It should also provide players the opportunity to gather resources or item needed to complete quest or advance specific skills.

DoJ members have traditionally been extremely generous. Those that take advantage of others generosity will soon have a reputation that proceeds them. 

Professions:  Herbalism, Mining & Skinning –  These are gathering professions. People with the same skill that wish to harvest resources should take turns.  All resources that you "can" pick up on your turn are yours to keep. (skinned items above threshold cant be picked up.)

Fishing – There are some great fishing spots in a few instances (not sure which ones).  There will not be any time to stop and fish while you are with a Raid.  The Raid group will clear areas that have fish and after the Raid event is over those that wish to fish can go back and give it a try.

Tailoring & First Aid – Cloth type resources for both these professions are commonly picked up by all Raid participants.  If you don’t need any of these resources, offer them to a friend that does.  I am sure they will greatly appreciate your generosity. 

Enchanting – Resources for enchanting are derived from disenchanting magical items.  Enchanters will each have “one” turn, collecting an unwanted / un-usable by Raid participant Bind on Pickup item to disenchant and gather a “resource.”

"Unlocked" Creates and Chests – These items can be inspected prior to looting.  Sometimes these chests have quest items.  The opener should inform others of the relative contents of the container so that those that need these things can have an opportunity / turn at collecting them.  If you want the food take it.  There usually not enough containers for everyone to have a turn so the Master Looter should either take a look first or people should take turns, those that are interested.

"Locked" Creates & Chests – Take turns please - Those with Smithing keys can have a try, they tend not to work very well.  Rogues do not need to share the contents of the container with the raid party. 

Need is defined as follows  (Need): The character that has attended the Raid can “use” the item and it is an upgrade to their current gear or will soon be able to “use” the item as an upgrade.  It is a general specialty item or class specific item that you are collecting or need.  These items are not to be sold, traded, disenchanted or given to alternates and should never be seen in the auction house. Be honest to yourself in choosing (need) and no one will question you.  Considering the needs of others may help you decide to roll or pass on any given item. 

Greed is defined as follows (Greed): is defined as any other case not specified as Need.  What you do with a greed item is your business.

Raid Looting Procedure:

Guild Raids will use the Master Looter system until such time as WoW comes up with a better system. For an established player filled Raids the threshold may be set to “Blue.”  For new instances and younger players the threshold will be set to “Green.”  All collected items will be distributed at the end of the event on a (Need) before (Greed) basis.

Bind on Pickup Items:  During the course of a dungeon Raid the group will come across items that are “Bind on pickup” (BoP).  These items become soulbound to the character that receives it from the mobs corpse.  These items are usually quite useful, sometimes powerful, but many times very specific.  These items can not be traded or sold in the auction house.  Bind on Pickup items resale value to an NPC is usually miniscule compared to the same type item that is Bind on Equip.  This makes these items only good to those that truly (Need) the item.  If no one is in (need) of this item, the resources made from disenchanting it are usually worth more.

Instant Distribution of (BoP) items:

#1 The Master Looter will list the item for Need.   “ Need – (item)”

#2 Players now should either “pass” or “roll” only if their character truly in (Need) of it.

#3 If  people roll, the winner (highest roll) will receive the item.

If no one is in (need) the item (everyone passed)  Enchanters of the Raid will roll for the item and the winner will receive the item for instant disenchanting.  Once an Enchanter receives an item in this fashion he can not do so again. (This is Enchanters chance at getting resources for their trade just as miners, skinners, herbalisum and rogues do along the way.)

If no one is in (need) and every Enchanter has received “one” item though this process all subsequent items will be disenchanted and the resulting item will be placed in the collection of items to be distributed at the end of the Raid. This lets non enchanters possibly get a chance at collecting some enchanting reagents as well. 

Note:  “Bind on Equip” items distributed through the (greed) system can be disenchanted as long as they have not been equipped.  Ask your local guild enchanter to do it for you some time other than during a Raid.

The End of Raid Distribution Process:  Items will be distributed one at a time with the perceivably best items first. The Master Looter may list all the items prior to the start.  Each item will then be listed individually first for need, then for greed.  If you happen to have won a “Bind on pickup” (BoP) during the raid or win one of the early items during the distribution process please consider letting others partake in the spoils.  We realize that sometimes there happens to be more than one item you may be interested in. We understand this, but frown on those that seem to be less than considerate of others.

#1 The Master Looter may list all the Items he has for distribution.

#2 The Master Looter will list an item for Need.   “ Need – (item)”

#3 Players now should either “pass” or roll a random number between 1-100  (/rand 100)

#4 If  people roll, the winner (highest roll) will receive the item.

#5 If everyone passes the process is repeated for Greed.  “Greed – (item)”

Why players pass on items – As stated before, if you have won an item we would like you to refrain from rolling on every item thereafter.  People also pass on rolls because their character can not use it or it is not an upgrade to their current gear.  They may also be taking a calculated risk to possibly have a better chance at an item that will be coming up later. This is part courtesy and part strategy.  We hope more courtesy than strategy in most cases.

Eventually all (need) items will be distributed. The remaining items are usually only good for resale. At this point items will only be put up for “Greed” rolls.  Usually by this time there are only a few people that have not received anything for their participation in the raid.  If you have received something please refrain from greed rolls until everyone has gotten an item.  Once everyone has gotten something feel free to press your luck.

Feeding Alternate Characters in Guild with equipment:  There is no reason to ask other members in a Raid to help you equip alternate characters with gear. There are some exceptions to this as long as the guild / raid agrees. Books, recipes, Epic Gear are items that sometimes could greatly assist our guild in the hands of an established member’s character. If this case arises the determination to pass this item to another guild member not in attendance or an alternate rather than everyone rolling for (Greed) will be in the hands of the Raid.  If our guild happens to have guests then all roll for (Greed) and the winner can do with it what he wants.

Guild Raids are not the same as Pick up groups, Pick up Raids or raids with guest.  Do not expect others in outside organizations to care about you or others. They are each there for themselves.  I have never been in a pick up group that tried to make sure everyone got something. That is what guild outings are for. Be wary of groups that encourage your participation that use some form of point system. These systems inherently get skewed to those that run the events and you may find yourself participating in many events with a net loss after repairs for some time before you actually get a chance at an item that just may or may not ever drop. Many of these groups collapse after the organizers get what they want and stop running events. Beware wolves in sheep clothing.